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Coffee tour


Arabica and Robusta coffee are Tanzania’s largest export, so of course they have refined the art of coffee making to near on perfection. Grown in Tanzania’s rich volcanic soil, coffee is the primary source of income for many Tanzanians and a tour around one of the many outstanding plantations is well worth the trip What a beautiful morning to start your coffee tour. 

The best coffee plantations are in Tanzania, which makes for a fantastic day trip excursion. Visits to coffee estates will teach you about the growth, harvest, drying, and processing of coffee into its distinctive tastes. For a day excursion, Tanzania offers the most stunning coffee estates. You will get the chance to tour some of the top coffee estates if you stay at the Arusha Coffee Lodge in Arusha town. 

If you stay at Gibb’s Farm, Kitela Lodge, Ngorongoro Coffee Lodge, Shangrila farmhouse estate, or Ngorongoro Farm House in Karatu, you will be able to see the best coffee estates.

Your Habitat Adventure guide will meet you after breakfast to start your coffee tour. The growth of coffee is influenced by Karatu’s high altitude and volcanic soil. As one of the most significant economic crops in the country, coffee has been farmed here for centuries. There are many possibilities to learn about all of the coffee processes on a stroll through the coffee plantation, including:

  • Coffee Guide describes the cultivation, harvest, drying, and roasting processes that go into creating the many mixes that satisfy even the most passionate coffee lovers.
  • Coffee berry picking and pulping
  • Fair-trade standards

The guests will do an excursion to a nearby coffee farm by picking the coffee berry and pulping. After the process, your tour will end by locally making your cup of coffee. After all of the excursions, your guide will drive you back to a lodge for dinner and overnight.

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Coffee Tour

Arabica and Robusta coffee are Tanzania’s largest export, so of course they have refined the art of coffee making to near on perfection.

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