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Arusha city tour


The most accessible national park in Tanzania, Arusha National Park is just a short drive from Arusha proper. While the park is not home to any big cats or larger mammals, it is an ideal place to spot buffalo, zebras, warthogs, and a variety of primates. In fact, Arusha National Park is the best place in Tanzania to spot black and white colobus monkeys.

You’ll be picked to begin an Arusha city tour with the aid of a Habitat Adventure Guide. You can either drive or walk from the hotel to the locations you want to visit, depending on your plans or timetable. In addition to being the beginning place for many genuine Northern Circuit Tanzania Safaris, Arusha City is also referred to as the “city of tourists.”

 Arusha is the ideal location if you’re seeking a better place to conduct a strolling or city tour. You can engage in a variety of activities, just to name a few:

  • A trip to the Arusha museum to learn about the colonial and post-colonial histories of the city
  • An excursion to the central market to learn about the many spices, vegetables, native foods, and fruits that are found in Tanzania.
  • A trip to the Uhuru monument to see and learn about a mark of the Arusha Declaration as well as a symbol representing the freedom of the Tanzanian people.
  • Learning about Maasai culture and way of life through a visit to a BOMA.
  • Learning about the available cultural objects while shopping at cultural heritage centers
  • A stroll to the Maasai market to view and perhaps buy some local wares.
  • For people who are curious about various snake species, a trip to a snake park like Meserani Snake Park is recommended.

Your guide will drive you or take you on foot back to the lodge after all the excursions and memorable experiences of the day.

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Arusha city tour

The most accessible national park in Tanzania, Arusha National Park is just a short drive from Arusha proper.

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